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Thursday, December 29, 2005

Books and I ...

I won't say I am an exemplary reader but I make it a point to grab a book and read it. Reading: this refined hobby of the humankind does not need any introduction from me. All I am going to do is try to narrate what I have read and the impressions it has made on me at that time. Note that this is nothing compared to what Project Gutenberg is all about. It is just an attempt to share what I have read. Hope you find it useful and enjoyable!

Name Language/Publication and other details Keywords
Alchemist - Paulo Kulho English Motivation, Life, Guru, Luck, Philosophy
Mommy Brain - Katherine Ellison English Pregnancy, Motherhood, Mothers, Emotional Intelligence, Working Moms,
ShuddhiKoumudI - Janardan Hegde Samskritam Samskritam, Language-Purity
Woe is I - Patricia O'Connor


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